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105. It will now be shown how the Lord and heaven are present, and how conjunction with them is effected throughout the whole earth by means of the Word. The whole heaven is, in the sight of the Lord, as one man. So also is the Church; and that they actually assume the appearance of a man may be seen in the work HEAVEN AND HELL Nos. 59-86. In this Man the Church, where the Word is read and by means of which the Lord is known, is like the heart and lungs; the celestial kingdom is like the heart, and the spiritual kingdom like the lungs. [2] As from these two fountains of life in the human body all the other members and viscera subsist and live, so also do all those throughout the world who have a religion, worship one God and live good lives, thereby forming part of this Man. They represent the members and viscera outside the chest in which are the heart and lungs, and they subsist and live from the union of the Lord and heaven with the Church by means of the Word. For the Word in the Church, although it is with comparatively few, is life to the rest [of the world] from the Lord through heaven just as the members and viscera of the whole body receive life from the heart and lungs. The manner of communication between them is also similar; and for this reason Christians among whom the Word is read constitute the breast of this Man. They are in the centre of all, and round about them are the Roman Catholics; around these again are the Mohammedans, who acknowledge the Lord to be the supreme Prophet and the Son of God. After these come the Africans, while the nations and peoples of Asia and the Indies form the outermost circumference. Some particulars of this arrangement of people may be seen in the little work THE LAST JUDGMENT No. 48. All who are in this Man also look toward the centre where the Christians are.

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