Doc. of Sacred Scripture (Dick) n. 70

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The Word is in all the heavens, and is the source of angelic wisdom

That the Word exists in the heavens has hitherto been unknown. Indeed, it could not be known as long as the Church was ignorant of the fact that angels and spirits are men, like men in the world, and that they have things similar in all respects to those which men have. The only difference is that angels, are spiritual and all things with them have a spiritual origin, while men in this world are natural, and all things with them have a natural origin. As long as men did not know this they could not know that the Word exists also in the heavens, and is read by angels there, as well as by spirits beneath the heavens. Lest this should remain unknown for ever, it has been granted me to be in the company of angels and spirits, to converse with them and to see their surroundings, and afterwards to relate the many things which I heard and saw. This I have done in the work HEAVEN AND HELL, published in London in the year 1758. In that work it may be seen that angels and spirits are men, and that they are surrounded by all things in abundance which surround men in this world. That angels and spirits are men may be seen in that work, Nos. 73-77, and Nos. 453-456; and that they are surrounded by things similar to those which surround men in this world, Nos. 170-190. Also that they have Divine worship, and preaching in their temples. Nos. 221-227; with writings and books, Nos. 258-264; as well as the Word, No. 259.

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