Apocalypse Explained (Tansley) n. 1013

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1013. And there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, out of the throne, saying, It is done. That this signifies manifestation out of heaven from the Lord, that it is consummated, and thus that the Last Judgment is at hand, is evident from the signification of a great voice, saying, as denoting manifestation; and from the signification of the temple, as denoting heaven as to Divine truth, by which all manifestation is effected (concerning which, see n. 220, 391, 915); and from the signification of the throne, as denoting where the Lord is as to judgment (see n. 253, 267, 462, 477); and from the signification of its being done, as denoting to be consummated, that is, that there is no longer any good and truth, thus, no longer any church, because all things are devastated. From these things it is evident, that by a great voice coming out of the temple of heaven, out of the throne, saying, "It is done," is signified manifestation out of heaven from the Lord, that it is consummated, and that the Last Judgment is at hand. This was said after the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air, which signifies that all the things of man's thought are turned away from heaven, whence there is no longer any communication of the men of the church with heaven; and when this communication is broken, the Last Judgment then comes. For so long as there is communication of heaven with the church, all things are held together in connection; but when communication perishes, it is like a house that falls when the foundation is taken away; nevertheless, a new house is then built instead of it by the Lord; a house is the church.

Continuation concerning the Seventh Precept:-

[2] Because all in hell hate the Lord, and, consequently, heaven -for they are opposed to goods and truths - therefore hell is murder itself, or the origin of murder. This is the case, because a man is a man from the Lord by the reception of good and truth; therefore, to destroy good and truth is to destroy the human itself, thus to kill the man.

[3] That those who are in hell are such is not yet known in the world, because with those who are of hell, and, therefore, come into hell after death, there appears to be no hatred of good and truth, nor of heaven, and still less of the Lord. For every one while he lives in the world is in external things, which are taught and learnt from childhood to counterfeit things that are honourable and becoming, just and equitable, good and true. But, nevertheless, hatred lies concealed in their spirit, and this according to the degree of the evil of their life. And because hatred is in the spirit, it therefore breaks out when the externals are laid aside, as is the case after death.

[4] This infernal hatred of all who are in good, because it is hatred of the Lord, is deadly. This is especially evident from their delight in doing evil, which is such as to exceed in degree every other delight; for it is a fire burning with the lust of destroying souls. It was also discovered that this delight is not from hatred of those whom they attempt to destroy, but from hatred of the Lord Himself. Now because a man is a man from the Lord, and the Human which is from the Lord is good and truth, and because those who are in hell, from hatred of the Lord, are in the lust of killing the Human, which is good and truth, it follows, that it is from hell that murder itself proceeds.

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