Apocalypse Explained (Tansley) n. 890

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890. And they shall not rest day and night. That this signifies continual infestations by evils and falsities therefrom, is evident from the signification of having no rest, as denoting to be infested by evils and the falsities therefrom (of which we shall speak presently); and from the signification of day and night, as denoting continually. For by day and night is not meant day and night, but the state of those treated of - in this case as to infestation; for in the spiritual world no one has an idea of time, but an idea of state; as has been frequently said and shown above. By day also is signified the state of their falsities, and by night the state of their evil; for man as to his thought is in light, thus in day; and as to his affection, in obscurity, or in night. Moreover, falsities and also truths belong to thought; and evils and also goods belong to the affection. Hence there was upon the tent a cloud by day, and a fire by night; the cloud signifying the truth, and the fire the good of love, with the sons of Israel. The reason why infestation by evils and falsities is signified by having no rest, is, that those who are in hell are continually withheld from their loves; and as often as they break out into them, they are punished. For their loves are hatred, revenge, enmity, and the lust of doing evil; these to them are so delightful, that they may be called the very delights of their life. Wherefore to be withheld from them is to be tormented. For every one is in the joy of his heart when he is in his ruling love; and consequently, on the other hand, grieved at heart, when he is withheld from it. This is the general torment of hell, from which innumerable other torments exist; to recount and describe these does not belong to this work and place.

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