Apocalypse Revealed (Coulsons) n. 881

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881. 'Prepared as a bride [adorned] for her husband' signifies that Church conjoined to the Lord by means of the Word. It is said that John 'saw the holy city New Jerusalem coming down from God out of Heaven', here that he saw that city 'prepared as a bride for her husband', from which it is also plain that by 'Jerusalem' is understood the Church, and that he saw that first as a city and afterwards as a betrothed virgin; as a city representatively, but as a betrothed virgin spiritually. Thus [he saw that Church] in a twofold idea, one within or above the other, precisely as the angels do who, when they see or hear or read in the Word 'a city', in an idea of lower thought perceive a city but in an idea of higher thought perceive the Church as to doctrine; and the latter, if they desire it and pray to the Lord, they see as a virgin its beauty and apparel in accordance with the quality of the Church. Thus also has it been granted me to see the Church. [2] By 'prepared' is signified attired for betrothal; and the Church is equipped for betrothal and afterwards for conjunction or marriage no otherwise than by means of the Word, for this is the only medium of conjunction or marriage, because the Word is from the Lord and concerning the Lord, and thus is the Lord. And therefore also it is called 'the covenant', and 'the covenant' signifies spiritual conjunction. Indeed the Word has been given for the sake of that end. That by the 'husband' is understood the Lord is plain from vers. 9 and 10 of this chapter, where Jerusalem is called 'the bride the Lamb's wife'. That the Lord is termed 'Bridegroom' and 'Husband', and the Church 'bride' and 'wife', and that this marriage is like the marriage of good and truth and is effected by means of the Word, may be seen above (n. 797). From these considerations it can be established that by 'Jerusalem prepared as a bride for her husband' is signified that Church conjoined with the Lord by means of the Word.

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