Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 236

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236. These three degrees of height exist in every person from birth and can be progressively opened, and as they are opened, the person is in the Lord and the Lord in him. The fact that there are in every person three degrees of height has not been known before. The reason is that these degrees have gone unrecognized, and as long as these degrees have escaped notice, the only degrees that could be known are continuous degrees; and when these are the only degrees known, one may believe that love and wisdom in a person grow only by a continuous progression. It should be known, however, that every person has in him from birth three degrees of height or discrete degrees, one above or within another. Moreover, each degree of height or discrete degree contains as well degrees of breadth or continuous degrees, according to which it grows through a continuous progression. For degrees of both kinds exist in the greatest and least of all things, as we showed above in nos. 222-229. Indeed, a degree of the one kind cannot exist without the other.

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