Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 239

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239. Since a person has in him three degrees of love and wisdom and consequent useful endeavor, it follows that he has in him three degrees of will and intellect and consequent resolve, and thus of a determination to a useful end. For the will is the receptacle of love, and the intellect the receptacle of wisdom, and the resolve is the useful result springing from them. It is apparent in consequence of this that every person has in him a natural, spiritual and celestial will and intellect, potentially from birth, and actually as they are opened. [2] In a word, from creation and thus from birth, the human mind, which consists of will and intellect, exists in three degrees, so that a person has a natural mind, a spiritual mind, and a celestial mind. Moreover, a person can in consequence of this be raised into angelic wisdom and possess it while he lives in the world, even though he does not come into it until after death, if he becomes an angel, at which time he then speaks things inexpressible and incomprehensible to a natural person. [3] I knew a person of average learning in the world, and after his death I saw and spoke with him in heaven. I clearly perceived then that he spoke as an angel, and that the things he said would be unintelligible to a natural person. The reason was that in the world he had applied the precepts of the Word to life and had worshiped the Lord, and so had been raised by the Lord into the third degree of love and wisdom. It is important that this elevation of the human mind be known, for on it depends an understanding of the discussions that follow.

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