Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 130

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130. After talking with them for a while about various matters, I asked what God they worshipped. They replied that it was some angel, who appeared to them as a Divine Man, since he shone with light. They said that he teaches them and allows them to perceive what they ought to do. They went on to say that they knew that the greatest God was in the sun of the heaven of angels; He appeared to their angel, but not to themselves. He was too mighty for them to dare to worship Him. The angel whom they worshipped was a community of angels, which the Lord had appointed to oversee them, teaching them the way of justice and right. They therefore had light from a kind of flame, looking like a small torch, rather fiery and yellow. The reason for this is that they do not venerate the Lord, so they cannot get light from the sun of the heaven of angels, but only from a community of angels. Such a community can, when permitted by the Lord, provide light to spirits of a lower region. I too saw that community of angels; it was high above them, and I also saw the flame which shed the light.

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