Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 146

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146. I saw spirits who looked as they had done when they were living in their world. Their faces were not unlike those of people in our world, except that their eyes were small, and so were their noses. This seemed to me rather ugly, but they said that small eyes and noses are a mark of beauty to them.

I saw a woman wearing a gown patterned with roses of different colours. So I asked where in that world they got their clothes. They replied that they gather from plants material which they spin into thread, and they arrange the threads in layers* of double or triple thickness, wetting the cloth with a sticky liquid to give it consistency, and subsequently colouring the woven cloth with herbal dyes. I was given a demonstration of how they make thread. The women sit half-lying** on the ground and use their toes to twist it, and when twisted they pull it towards themselves and work it up with their hands. [* Reading stratim for statim from AC 10163.-TR.] [** Reading demisupinatae from AC 10164.-TR.]

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