Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 45

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45. They were also asked what the sun of our world looks like from their world. They assured me that it was large and looked bigger there than from other worlds. They said they knew this by reference to the idea other spirits had of the sun. They went on to say that their climate was temperate, neither too hot nor too cold. I was allowed to tell them that this was the Lord's providence, to prevent an excess of heat due to their world being nearer the sun than the other planets. Heat is not the result of proximity to the sun, but depends on the thickness and density of the atmosphere, as is plain from high mountains being cold even in hot climates. Temperature is also regulated by the directness or obliquity of the incidence of the sun's rays, as is evident from the seasons of winter and summer in any one region.

This what I have been allowed to learn about the spirits and inhabitants of the world of Mercury.

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