Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 50

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50. My long continued association with the spirits of Jupiter proved to me that they are more upright than the spirits of many other worlds. When they arrived, their coming, their stay and the influence they exerted were so gentle and sweet as to defy expression. In the next life the character of each spirit reveals itself in his influence, which is a sharing of his affection. Uprightness is revealed by gentleness and sweetness, by gentleness because he is fearful of doing harm, and by sweetness because he loves to do good. I could very clearly tell apart the gentleness and sweetness of good spirits from our world from that of theirs. They said that when any mild dispute arises between them, there is to be seen a kind of thin shaft of light, such as lightning often produces, or a band filled with flashing and moving stars. But a dispute among them is quickly settled. Stars which flash and at the same time move indicate falsity; flashing stars which are fixed indicate truth. So the former type indicates a dispute.# # Stars in the Word mean cognitions of good and truth, that is, truths (AC 2495, 2849, 4697). In the next life truths are represented by fixed stars, but falsities by wandering stars (AC 1128).

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