Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 60

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60. When the spirits of Jupiter saw the horses of this world, these looked to me smaller than usual, although they were quite strong and tall. This was due to the idea those spirits had of their own horses. They said that theirs were similar, but much bigger; they run wild in the forests and terrify them when they are sighted, though they do no harm. They also said they feel a naturally ingrained fear of them. This made me think about the cause of their fear. A horse in the spiritual sense means the intellectual faculty formed from factual knowledge;# and since they are afraid of developing this faculty by means of knowledge acquired from the world, this makes them afraid. As will be seen in what follows, they are not interested in the factual knowledge which constitutes human learning. # A horse means what is intellectual (AC 2760-62, 3217, 5321, 6125, 6400, 6534, 7024, 8146, 8148). The white horse in the Book of Revelation is the understanding of the Word (AC 2760).

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