True Christian Religion (Chadwick) n. 119

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119. The reason why, but for redemption by the Lord, neither could the angels have remained unharmed is that the whole heaven of the angels together with the church on earth forms in the Lord's sight a single person. The heaven of the angels makes up his internal, the church his external; or in more detail, the highest heaven makes up his head, the second and lowest heavens his chest and the middle region of his body, and the church on earth his loins, legs and feet. The Lord Himself is the soul and life of this whole person. So if the Lord had not performed the act of redemption, this person would have been destroyed. The eclipse of the church on earth entails destruction of the feet, legs and loins, that of the lowest heaven the gastric region, that of the second heaven the chest, and then the head, having no correspondence with the body, loses consciousness.

[2] This can be illustrated by similes. It is as when mortification of the flesh attacks the feet, and this necrosis progressively climbs up, infecting first the loins, then the abdominal viscera, and finally the region of the heart. As everyone knows, this causes death. Another illustration is when the viscera beneath the diaphragm are diseased, and their failure produces palpitation of the heart, difficulty in respiration, and eventually the heart and lungs fail too. There is another possible simile with the internal and external man; the internal flourishes so long as the external obediently discharges its functions; but if the external man disobeys and resists, and even more if it attacks the internal, then the internal eventually is undermined, and at length is carried away by the pleasures of the external, until it takes its part and agrees with it. Another possible simile is with a man standing on top of a mountain, watching a flood cover the land below him, as the water rises stage by stage; and when it reaches the level at which he stands, he too is submerged, unless a boat comes for him across the waves to allow him to escape. Likewise if anyone standing on a mountain sees a dense fog rising higher and higher above the ground, hiding fields, villages and towns; and then when the fog reaches his level, he can see nothing, not even where he is.

[3] The lot of the angels is like this when the church on earth fails, for then the lower heavens too fade out. The reason is that the heavens are composed of human beings from the earth; and when there is no longer any good left in their hearts nor any truth from the Word, the heavens are flooded by the rising tide of evil and drowned by it as if by the waters of the Styx. However, they are taken to safety elsewhere by the Lord, and kept until the day of the Last judgment, when they are raised to a new heaven. It is these who are meant in this passage of Revelation:

I saw underneath the altar the souls of those put to death on account of God's Word and the witness they bore. And they shouted in a loud voice, saying, How long, Lord, you who are holy and true, before you give judgment and take vengeance for our blood from the inhabitants of the earth? And each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to rest yet a little while, until the numbers should be made up of their fellow servants and brothers, who were to be put to death as they were. Rev. 6:9-11.

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