True Christian Religion (Chadwick) n. 207

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207. The science of correspondences, which allows the spiritual sense to be grasped, has been revealed at the present time, because the Divine truths of the church are now coming into light, and it is of these that the spiritual sense of the Word consists. When people possess these, the literal sense of the Word cannot be corrupted. The literal sense of the Word can be bent in either direction; if it is bent towards falsehood, then its inward, and with it its outward, holiness is destroyed. But if it is bent towards truth, its holiness is maintained. But I shall have more to say on this subject in the following pages.

The opening out of the spiritual sense at the present time is meant by John's vision of heaven being opened and of a white horse, and also by his seeing and hearing an angel standing in the sun, inviting all to a great feast, as described in Revelation (19:11-18). The fact that for a long time it would not be recognised is meant by the beast and the kings of the earth, who were going to make war on the rider of the white horse (Rev. 19:19); and also by the dragon's pursuit into the desert of the woman who had borne a son, and there emitting water from its mouth like a river, to drown her (Rev. '12:13-17).

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