Letters (Acton) n. 4

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4. [To Oetinger, September 23, 1766]

I recently returned home from foreign parts-Holland and England-and received your two letters, one of October 13, 1765 together with another, for which I thank you.

There are 5 works in which I have written from things heard and seen: 1. Concerning Heaven and Hell. 2. Concerning the New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine. 3. Concerning the Last Judgment. 4. Concerning the White Horse. 5. Concerning the Inhabitants of the Planets. Other works were published later: 1. Concerning the Lord. 2. Concerning the Sacred Scripture. 3. The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem. 4. Concerning Faith. 5. Concerning the Spiritual world.* 6. Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Providence. 7. Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Love and Wisdom; but these 7 works together do not make 72 whole sheets.** This year was published Apocalypsis Revelata, promised in the work on the Last judgment, from which it can be clearly seen that I speak with angels; for without revelation, not the least verse in the Apocalypse can be understood.

Who cannot see that by the New Jerusalem is meant a New Church? and that the doctrinals thereof cannot be disclosed save by the Lord alone, being described there by things merely typical, that is, by correspondences? and, moreover, that they cannot be divulged in the world save by one to whom is given revelation? I can solemnly bear witness that the Lord Himself has appeared to me, and has sent me to do what I am doing, and for this end has opened the interiors of my mind, being the interiors of my spirit, that I might see the things which are in the spiritual world, and might hear those who are there, and this now for twenty-two years.*** At the present day, however, bearing witness does not avail to bring belief in this; but to one who enjoys intelligence, confirmation can be had from my writings as witnesses, especially from the Apocalypse Revealed. Who has heretofore known anything concerning the spiritual sense of the Word? and who has known anything concerning the spiritual world, or concerning heaven and hell? Who has known anything concerning man's life after death? Must all this and much else be hidden from Christians forever?

That these things are disclosed now for the first time is for the sake of the New Church, that these latter,**** may have knowledge of them. Others may indeed know them, but yet, being without belief, they do not know them.

All the works mentioned above are on sale in London, England, at Mr. Lewis' in Paternoster Row near Cheapside. These my writings concerning the New Jerusalem cannot be called Prophecies but Revelations. Fare you well and prosper,

Most devotedly

Sept. 23, 1766

Em. Swedenborg

* i.e., Continuation of the Last judgment. ** A sheet made 4 leaves (8 pp.) quarto. The above 7 works fill 561 pages. *** i.e., since September 1744. **** i.e., men of the New Church.

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