Conjugial Love (Rogers) n. 19

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19. Around evening, however, a runner dressed in linen came looking for the ten visitors accompanying the angel and invited them to a wedding to be celebrated the following day. And the visitors greatly rejoiced that they would also see a wedding in heaven. After this they were taken to one of the privy councillors and they dined with him. Then after dinner they came back, and taking their departure from each other, they separated, each to his own bedroom, where they slept till morning. On waking in the morning, they then heard the singing of young women and girls coming from the houses around the public square, as previously described.** The affection expressed in the singing that morning was one of conjugial love. Being deeply affected and moved by the sweetness of it, they began to perceive a pleasant sense of bliss being implanted in their feelings of joy, which elevated those feelings and gave them a new quality. When it was time, the angel said, "Get yourselves ready and put on the garments of heaven which our prince sent to you before." So they dressed, and suddenly their garments began to shine as if with a flaming light. And they asked the angel, "Why is this happening?" The angel replied, "It is because you are going to a wedding. It happens with us that on such occasions our garments shine and they become wedding garments." * See above, no. 17:2.

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