Conjugial Love (Rogers) n. 70

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70. (7) But no others come into that love and no others can be in it but those who go to the Lord and love the truths of the church and do the good things it teaches. No others come into this love but those who go to the Lord, because monogamous marriages, which are marriages of one man with one wife, correspond to the marriage of the Lord and the church, and they have their origin from the marriage between goodness and truth (as discussed above, nos. 60-63). It follows from this origin and this correspondence that truly conjugial love comes from the Lord and is found in people who go to Him directly, but this cannot be established fully without discussing these two secrets in some detail. This will be done in the chapters that come next after this one, one of which will be on the origin of conjugial love from the marriage of good and truth,* and the other on the marriage of the Lord and the church and correspondence to it.** In those chapters we shall also see that it follows from these considerations that the conjugial love in a person depends on the state of the church in him. * See nos. 83ff. ** See nos. 116ff.

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