Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 1638

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1638. The words used by spirits when they speak, that is, those which they call up or draw out from a person's memory and imagine to be their own, are well chosen and clear, full of meaning, clearly pronounced, and applicable to the subject. And what is amazing, they know how to choose their words better and more immediately than the person himself does. Indeed, as has been shown, they are acquainted with the various meanings which the words carry and which they apply in an instant and without any forethought, the reason being, as has been stated, that the ideas of which their language is composed flow into no other words than those that are appropriate. It is very much as when a person is speaking, yet gives no thought to the words that he is using but is intent solely on the meaning which they express. His thought falls, in accordance with the meaning, immediately and spontaneously into words. It is the meaning lying within which produces the words that are used; and it is in a similar, yet finer and more perfect, inward meaning that the speech of spirits consists. It is through this inward meaning that man, though he is not aware of it, communicates with spirits

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