Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 2747

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2747. Since all adultery is contrary to conjugial love, adulterers cannot be with angels in heaven. Another reason why they cannot be with them there is that things contrary to good and truth exist in them and so not the heavenly marriage; and a further reason is that they have none but filthy ideas regarding marriage. At the mere mention of marriage, or the occurrence of the idea, things that are licentious, obscene, and indeed unspeakable instantly enter their ideas. Similarly when the angels are talking about what is good and true, such people think things that are contrary. For all the affections and all the thoughts derived from these affections remain with a person after death such as they have been in the world. Adulterers have it in mind to destroy society, and many of them are cruel, see 824; thus at heart they are opposed to charity and mercy, they laugh at others' misfortunes, and desire to take away from everyone what belongs to him, which they do insofar as they dare. It gives them pleasure to destroy friendships and to create enmities. As regards their religious convictions, they say that they acknowledge the creator of the universe; also a providence, though only a universal providence; salvation by faith; and that nothing worse can happen to them than to anyone else. But when examined as to what they really are at heart, which examination takes place in the next life, they do not believe even the things which they say they do. Instead of a creator of the universe they think of nature; instead of a universal providence they have no thought of any at all; and of faith they think nothing. All this is so because all adultery is utterly contrary to what is good and true. How such persons can possibly enter heaven, anyone is able to judge for himself.

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