Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 3004

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3004. Very deep arcana lie concealed within the internal sense, which up to now have not come to anyone's knowledge. This becomes clear from what has been stated and shown up to this point, and from what will be shown in the Lord's Divine Mercy in what follows. It becomes absolutely clear from the internal sense of our Lord's two names JESUS CHRIST. When these are mentioned few have any other notion than that they are proper names which are little different from, though more sacred than, the names of any other human being. Better educated people know, it is true, that Jesus means Saviour, and Christ the Anointed, from which they conceive some more interior notion. But this is not the same as the things which the angels in heaven perceive from those names. They perceive things more Divine still, that is to say, when Jesus is mentioned by someone reading the Word they perceive Divine Good, and when Christ is mentioned, Divine Truth. And when both are mentioned together they perceive the Divine marriage of good to truth, and of truth to good. Thus they perceive everything Divine within the heavenly marriage, which is heaven. What the heavenly marriage is, see 2173, 2803.

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