Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 6373

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6373. 'Until Shiloh comes' means the Lord's Coming, and the peaceful tranquillity at that time. This is clear from the meaning of 'Shiloh' as the Lord, who is called Shiloh because He brought peace to all things and gave them tranquillity; for in the original language Shiloh is derived from a word meaning tranquil. Why the Lord is called Shiloh here is evident from what has been stated immediately above in 6371, 6372, regarding the celestial kingdom and its power and control. For when the Divine presented Himself by means of that kingdom there was no tranquillity, since things in heaven and those in hell could not be brought by means of that kingdom into a state of order. This was because the Divine, as it passed through that kingdom, could not remain pure since heaven is not pure;a so neither was that kingdom strong enough to serve as the means by which all things could be preserved in a state of order. And what is more, as a consequence hellish and devilish spirits were at that time breaking out of hell and having dominion over souls who were coming from the world, as a result of which a situation was coming about in which none but the celestial ones could be saved. At length scarcely these could have been saved if the Lord had not taken on the Human and made that Human within Himself Divine.

[2] By doing this the Lord brought all things into a state of order, first those in heaven, then those in hell; and this gave rise to peaceful tranquillity.

Spiritual people, that is, those who belonged to the spiritual Church, were saved through the Lord's Coming, see 2661, 2716, 2833, 2834.

When He was in the world the Lord brought all things into a state of order, 1810, 4286, 4187.

Divine Truth from Jehovah or the Lord flowed through heaven to the human race. But because this was insufficient when mankind departed from good, the Lord came into the world and made the Human within Himself Divine, so that the Lord's Divine Human would then be the source from which Divine Truth went forth and thereby saved a person who received good by means of truth, 4180, 6280.


a Job 15:15

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