Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 6619

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6619. The fact that the ideas constituting a person's thought contain countless details, and that the details they contain are held in order from interior sources, has also been evident to me when morning and evening I have recited the Lord's Prayer. As often as I recited it the ideas constituting my thought were opened towards heaven and countless concepts flowed in. This happened so that I might discern clearly that the ideas belonging to my thought which I had gained from the contents of that Prayer were filled out with details from heaven. I was also able to tell that concepts poured in such as I cannot express in words, as well as ones that I was unable to understand. I did no more than feel the overall affection resulting from them. And what has been amazing, the things flowing in have varied every day. From all this I have been allowed to know that the contents of that Prayer hold more within them than the whole of heaven is capable of understanding; also that a person finds more in it, the more his thought is opened towards heaven, and conversely he finds less in it, the more his thought is closed. For with people whose thought is closed nothing more is seen in the Prayer than the literal meaning or that nearest the actual words.

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