Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 854

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854. 'The mountains of Ararat' means light.a This becomes clear from the meaning of 'a mountain' as the good that stems from love and charity, 795, and from the meaning of 'Ararat', which is light, indeed the light of someone who has been regenerated. The new light, or dawn, of a regenerate person in no way flows from cognitions of the truths of faith but from charity; for the truths of faith are like rays of light, and love or charity like the flame. The light in someone who is being regenerated derives not from the truths of faith but from charity. The truths of faith themselves are rays of light flowing from charity. It is clear therefore that 'the mountains of Ararat' means that kind of light. This is the first light following temptation, and being the first it is obscure and is called lumen, not lux.


a In this paragraph the Latin word lumen meaning 'light' denotes an inferior kind of light to that meant by lux.

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