Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 30

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30. It is because the Divine essence itself is love and wisdom that a person has two faculties of life, one of which is the origin of his intellect, and the other the origin of his will. The faculty from which the intellect originates draws all its properties from an influx of wisdom from God, and the faculty from which the will originates draws all its properties from an influx of love from God. A person's failure to become rightly wise and to love rightly does not take away these faculties but only closes them up, and as long as they remain closed, the intellect is indeed called intellect, and the will likewise will, but still they are essentially nonexistent. Consequently if the aforesaid two faculties were to be taken away, everything human would perish, which is to think and from thinking speak, and to will and from willing act. It is apparent from this that the Divine resides in a person in these two faculties, in the faculty for becoming wise and in the faculty for loving-or rather, that He is able to do so. That everyone has in him the ability to become wise and the ability to love, even if he is not as wise and loving as he might be, is something that has become well known to me from a good deal of experience, experience which you will see amply presented elsewhere.

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