Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 108

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108. I did not, however, talk with the spirits on the side facing us, who are fierce and almost like wild animals; but the angels told me about their nature and the source of their wildness. They said that they took great pleasure in stealing, and particularly in eating what they had stolen. Their pleasure in this, when they were thinking of eating what they had stolen, was imparted to me, and I could grasp how overpowering it was. There were once people in our world who had a similarly wild nature, as is plain from the histories of various peoples; also from the inhabitants of the land of Canaan (1 Sam. 30:16). This also appears from the Jewish and Israelite people in the time of David, when they made raids every year to take booty from other peoples, and feasted gleefully on the spoil. I was also told that these inhabitants are for the most part giants, and people of our world only come up to their navel. Furthermore they are stupid and do not ask what heaven is or everlasting [life],* but care only for what concerns their lands and their flocks. [* Restored from AC 7249.-TR.]

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