Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 139

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139. On my arrival there I did not see the world, but I saw spirits from it. For, as I said before, the spirits of each world are to be seen around their own world, because their characters resemble those of the people who live there. They have come from them, and are there to be of service to them. These spirits were seen very high overhead, and from that position they could watch my arrival. It should be known that in the next life those who stand on high can watch those below them; and the higher they are the wider their field of vision. They can not only watch them, but also talk with them.

They noticed from their position that I was not from their world, but from some distant place. So they spoke to me from there, asking about various matters; and I was able to reply to their questions. Amongst other things I told them which world I was from and what it was like. Afterwards I told them about the planets in our solar system. I also told them about the spirits of the world or planet of Mercury, and how they travel to many worlds in order to acquire knowledge of various matters. On hearing this they said that they too had seen them on a visit.

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