Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 91

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91. On the subject of Divine worship by the inhabitants of that world they said that they acknowledge and worship our Lord, calling Him the Only God, and the ruler of heaven and the universe; all good comes from Him, and He guides them. He is often to be seen by them in their world. I was then able to tell them that Christians in our world too know that the Lord is the ruler of heaven and earth from the Lord's own words in Matthew:

All power has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Matt. 28:18.

But unlike those from the world of Mars, Christians do not believe this.

[2] They also said that they have a belief there, that there is nothing about them which is not filthy and hellish, and that all good is the Lord's. Indeed they went so far as to say that of themselves they are devils, and the Lord rescues them from hell, continually holding them back.

[3] Once when the Lord was named, I saw those spirits abase themselves so sincerely and deeply that I cannot describe it. Their self-abasement contained the thought that of themselves they were in hell, so that they were utterly unworthy of looking towards the Lord, who is holiness itself. This thought was so deeply planted in their belief that they were almost beside themselves, and it kept them on their knees until the Lord lifted them up, and then, as it were, rescued them from hell. On recovering from this self-abasement they are filled with good and love, which gives them heartfelt joy. When they abase themselves like this, they do not face towards the Lord, not daring to do so, but look away. The spirits who were around me said that they had never witnessed such self-abasement.

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