Heaven and Hell (Ager) n. 150

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150. Because of this the quarters in the heavens signify such things as pertain to those that dwell in them, - the east signifying love and its good clearly perceived, the west the same obscurely perceived, the south wisdom and intelligence in clear light, and the north the same in obscure light. And because of this signification of the quarters in heaven they have a like signification in the internal or spiritual sense of the Word,1 since the internal or spiritual sense of the Word is in entire accord with what is in heaven. # In the Word the "east" signifies love clearly perceived (n. 1250, 3708); the "west" love obscurely perceived (n. 3708, 9653); the "south" a state of light, that is, of wisdom and intelligence (n. 1458, 3708, 5672); and the "north" that state in obscurity (n. 3708).

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