Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 969

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969. In so large a kingdom where all human souls have been converging since the start of creation (almost a million from this planet every week) where each person's character and disposition is different from everybody else's, where all the ideas of everyone are communicated, and where nevertheless every single thing has to be, and is constantly being, restored to proper order, it is inevitable that countless things manifest themselves there which have never entered anyone's head. Now since scarcely anyone has anything more than one vague concept of hell, as they have of heaven, these matters will inevitably strike them as strange and extraordinary, especially as they imagine that spirits do not have any sensory perception, when in fact these have keener sensory perception than men do. In addition to this, by devices unknown in the world, evil spirits produce within such persons sensory feelings almost the same as those of the body which are duller by far.

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